We understand VENDING, OCS and MICRO MARKETS, and we understand marketing.
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"The Vending Marketer's team is truly expert at website improvements, SEO, social media marketing and more. Their methodology, approach and responsiveness led to improved results in just a few short months. They are the best in our industry."   
Chris Molinar, IT Director, Accent Food Services 

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We understand VENDING, OCS and MICRO MARKETS, and we understand marketing. The Vending Marketer provides the following services:

Chances are you likely just want to delegate the marketing function, and not have to worry about quality, price or ROI?

Explore our vending industry marketing services to determine which are most necessary to move your business forward. Our experience reflects the evolution of the industry, including traditional vending, micro markets, office break rooms, pantries and workplace cafés.

The Vending Marketer Service Highlights

Web Design and Management for Vending Professionals

Not only is your website your online calling card, but it can also become a fantastic tool for generating leads for your business.  The Vending Marketer can create, revise or update a website.


Search Engine Optimization for Vending Service Providers

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Google owns 70% of the search engine market share. 70% of the links search users click on are organic. Search is the #1 driver of traffic to a content site, beating social media by more than 300%. The Vending Marketer can help you capitalize on the overwhelming power of search.

Meet The Vending Marketer Team


John Healy

helps clients to balance traditional, digital and social media strategies and tactics to ensure their relevance while fueling their growth and success.


Cameron Full

Is a technologist whose experience lies in technology-based solutions, including but not limited to websites, blogs, and electronic networking tools.


The Wiz

The Wizard is a Vending Marketer who brings 23 years of software development, software architecture and website development to our team.


Kevin Kern

excels in content creation, curation and marketing, with proficiency in various essential social/digital platforms, including websites, and blogs.

Web Design

Website Development & Maintenance


Search Engine Optimization


Pay-Per-Click & Online Advertising


Social Profile Management


Content Marketing Management


Consulting & Strategy Services

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