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"The Vending Marketer's team is truly expert at website improvements, SEO, social media marketing and more. Their methodology, approach and responsiveness led to improved results in just a few short months. They are the best in our industry."   
Chris Molinar, IT Director, Accent Food Services 

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The Vending Marketer Team

The Vending Marketer provides website development, SEO and SEM, pay-per-click digital advertising/online lead gen, social media marketing like LinkedIn, Facebook for Business, Twitter and more, digital marketing including outbound emails, auto-responders, DRIP, as well as traditional marketing services such as press releases and newsletters, among others.  Our experienced professionals include:

John Healy is a Vending Marketer who helps  clients to balance traditional, digital and social media strategies and tactics to ensure their relevance while fueling their growth and success.

A marketing and PR professional for more than 25 years, Healy is also:

  • A Contributing Editor to Automatic Merchandiser, as well as “OCS Operator” and VendingMarketWatch, writing a monthly column called “Online Opportunities,”
  • A NAMA Knowledge Source Partner,
  • A Constant Contact Authorized Solution Provider, and
  • A member of Linked University’s VIP team
  • He has also created a LinkedIn group called “Vending, OCS & Micro Market Sales & Marketing Executives” which offers helpful articles and industry insights; join the group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8449223

Previously, Healy served as CEO of Healy Communications, Inc., then Healy & Schulte, Inc., both full-service marketing & PR firms. While at Healy & Schulte, he first began his work for NAMA in 2009 when he created the Industry Image Campaign, as well as “The Gratitude Tour” which generated 963 million media impressions for the vending and OCS industry.  He has led digital and social media educational workshops at the national Coffee Tea & Water Show, the NAMA OneShow, and the Ohio Automatic Merchandising Association annual meeting. ​


John Healy


Cameron Full

Cameron Full is a Vending Marketer, as well as a technologist whose experience lies predominantly in technology-based strategic solutions, including but not limited to websites, blogs, electronic networking tools such as LinkedIn, B2B direct mail, and a variety of other digital communications channels.  He has mastered a wide variety of technology-based, creative tools ranging from Adobe Creative Suites to both WordPress and Joomla Content Management Systems.

Full started a restaurant/entertainment business with his father at the age of 16, and continued to operate evolutions of the entity for nearly 20 years. His industry work has provided him with operations management and marketing experience for properties located in Iowa, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Chicago.

He is an intuitive problem-solver with a diverse platform of expertise and success, primarily grounded in digital and social media solutions.  Full's skill set blends creativity with technology. With experience in myriad market segments, he's been fortunate to envision necessary technology, develop and implement the technology models, and then evaluate measurable growth using KPIs. His deliverables have ranged from those that champion awareness and reputation management to developmental marketing and marketing efficiency practices.

The cornerstone of his project management process is “creative-critical thinking.” With demonstrated experience in efficiency processes, measurable data results and artistic ingenuity, Full combines project form and process function.

The Wizard is Vending Marketer's "secret weapon" bringing 23 years of software development, software architecture and website development to our team.  In addition, he founded and manages a high successful affiliated business focused on SEO, ranking clients for competitive search terms that currently extend to more than 30 websites. And these aren't just ordinary search terms; The Wizard has "cracked the code" on search terms that only big search marketing programs go after and throw a ton of cash at to compete.  The Vending Marketer brings you that same expertise and knowledge, regardless of the size of your vending, OCS or micro market business.
Our technical experts, led by The Wizard, have deep experience in local SEO, which always matters to SMBs that have geo-specific targets and service areas. He adapts his wealth of competitive knowledge to ensure that our clients are ranking organically in the top SERPs and 3-pack map listings.
As Google changes their algorithms on a nearly a continuous basis, The Wizard adapts his strategies for our clients, but builds SEO plans that have the long-term endgame in mind, surviving the Google updates month in and month out.

The Wiz


Kevin Kern

Kevin Kern is a Vending Marketer.  He excels in content creation, curation and marketing, with proficiency in various essential social/digital platforms, including websites, blogs, and full complement of social media platforms.  He is also skilled at traditional marketing and public relations writing, including news releases, white papers, bylined articles, brochures and direct mail marketing copy.

He has worked as both a freelancer and under contract on several projects for the Chicago office of Finn Partners, a NYC-based public relations agency. He continues to work closely with the graphic design firm Ward Nipper & Associates, contributing content for a major website overhaul and expanding the company's social media presence.

Kern holds a bachelor's degree in Film Studies from Columbia College Chicago. While there, he refined both analytical and creative writing disciplines and eventually came to the realize that writing – not film – was his career passion.  

In addition, we have a team of professionals backing us up, everyone from website builders to content marketing professionals, graphic designers, back-end programmers, social media experts.  And they use their time effectively to get the results you want without cleaning out your bank account!

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